Christmas Popping Box Cards CD-Rom

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(Please note the file is about 280mb and will take about from 30 seconds to 9 minutes to download with a broadband connection. You will need Adobe reader to open the file)

You can print the following from this CD-ROM

15 x Christmas Popping Box Cards
This Christmas Popping Box Cards CD-Rom gives you the opportunity to combine a traditional card with a popping mechanism powered by a rubber band.  They are easy to make, fold flat for postage and the
CD-Rom even has a template to make your own envelopes.

The CD-Rom has 15 pre-designed cards for you to choose from ranging from contemporary festive fun images to traditional and classic favourites.  The CD-Rom allows you to print 10 additional boxes as well as 5 different templates so you can customise and create your own versions of these amazing cards. Many of the card fronts are text editable and they all have editable message panels.

These Popping Box Cards really do look very special, handmade with the appearance of shop bought.  You will receive a bag of approximately 20 elastic bands with the CD-Rom to get you started.  You can print full written instructions from the CD and there is also a link to a video tutorial which clearly shows you each step of the construction process. The cards themselves also come with additional decoupage images if you want to embellish them further. I am a big fan of decoupage and I think it helps to turn a card into something extra special. Popping Box Cards also give you the perfect opportunity to use all your crafting embellishments that you may have accumulated over the years.  They will not fall over so cannot be over embellished, great for gems and glitter.



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