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The " Ancient Egypt" CD ROM is the second in the series of Historical Cd´s and builds on the success of our"Medieval "CD. With a dynasty stretching nearly 3000 years it is no wonder that that the Ancient Egyptians hold such a fascination for old and young alike, after all who can fail to be impressed by such wonders as the pyramids, and the opulent splendor of the Kings and Queens of the Nile not to mention the beautiful hieroglyphics and amazing stone carvings. All of this splendor has been captured in this special CD ROM. With a total of nearly 600 unique backing papers and a range of toppers and decoupage you will have all the papers and images at your fingertips to produce some truly stunning and unique cards.
The 400 backing papers are based on the original designs of the ancient Egyptian, lovingly recreated and brought back to life after nearly 5000 years, you will be truly amazed at the richness of the colours and patterns and will have a unique set of papers that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The 160 Egyptian themed papers are based on Iconic imagery spanning the Egyptian Dynasty. They also come as inserts and are fully text editable on your PC to compliment all of your card making. There is also a set of 24 special papers that will enhance the Egyptian theme as well as 30 images specially chosen to act as toppers and decoupage to give your cards that special touch.
This is our most exciting cd to date, featuring text editable inserts, tags and greetings massages. You can also write your greetings in hieroglyphics! If you want to produce some truly stunning and original cards then this is the Cd for you.

Following in the steps of our Medieval cd I have tried to bring to life the wonderfully diverse and colourful imagery of the Ancient Egyptians. They produced some of the most visually stunning and beautiful artifacts every seen and the influence of their designs can still be found in everything around us, as they were the fathers and architects of the modern world. When bringing back to life these patterns I was amazed at how fresh and modern so many of them looked, truly a testament of how much we have borrowed from the past and assimilated today. Robert Addams

You can print the following from this CD-ROM
400 A4 Egyptian Backing Papers
160 Egyptian themed Backing Papers
160 A5 and A6 Egyptian Themed Editable Insert Papers
24 Special Egyptian Themed Backing Papers
30 Decoupage &Toppers Images
20 Editable Gift Tags
6 Envelope Templates
2 Gift bag Designs
2 Gift box Designs
Pyramid Card, and Template, Pop-Up Mummy Card

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